We utilize our unique research and development methodology to help you to define a Big Data strategy and select appropriate technologies and vendors based on your requirements and budget.

We offer vendor-neutral, unbiased recommendations based on your real business needs.

Our professional consultants combine technology expertise with business domain knowledge to help you to evaluate commercial product vendors and open source options.

We can help you to:

Identify your business goals and establish business requirements
Identify the right technology framework, architecture patterns, tools, product development life cycle best practices, languages, and more
Define a Big Data roadmap that will enable you to get the most of your existing investments
Evaluate technologies and vendors based on weighted scoring against your objectives
Architecture and Design:

We have an extensive architecture and design experience and expertise. We create architectures that are extensible, maintainable, adaptable to change, and portable to different environments.

Our architecture advisory services provide you with sound advice based on years of experience. We have developed everything from performance-tuned clusters to fully-integrated suites of technologies that include ETL, NoSQL data stores, MPP-based data warehouses, CEP engines, workflow engines, and visualization.

Our years of experience enables us to:

Architect and design large and complex enterprise-class software products and solutions
Access a huge knowledge base of contemporary and future architecture frameworks and design patterns
Employ mature and automated processes and best practices for high quality and faster architecting and designing
Reduce maintenance costs by anticipating the major changes that may occur in the system