Datson360 was established to provide services in Human resource augmentation and HR consulting. Datson360 is managed by a group of dedicated professionals having rich experience of over 250 person-years in IT and consulting.

The knowledge industry thrives on people with appropriate skills and domain expertise and the human resource is the most valuable asset to any organization. We strongly believe that a resource is considered valuable and indispensable if and only if he/she can seamlessly integrate and blend with an organization’s vision, guiding principles, culture and process. In this endeavor our prime objective is to provide such resources to our customers, who would increase the organization’s delivery and performance.

We are known for a high degree of excellence, commitment, reliability and quick turnaround time. This is because we work in direct conjunction with the companies in order to establish the right way of fulfilling customer’s requirement.

Service Benefits:

  • Flexibility for clients
  • Addresses headcount limitations squarely
  • Time and cost of selection is reduced
  • Faster mobilization and demobilization without the need for time consuming and expensive
  • Contractual procedures
  • Cost savings on account of payment for days worked
  • Statutory obligations are done by Datson360 and are no longer a client’s responsibility
  • Strong existing database of candidates
  • Temporary to Permanent possibility


Are you looking to fill that vacancy with little to no struggle?  We at Datson 360 got you covered. We will support you in the process of employee recruitment, screening and selection. The process of staffing includes:


  • Identify the hiring need
  • Devise a recruitment plan
  • Write a job description
  • Advertise the position
  • Recruit the position
  • Review applications
  • Phone Interview/Initial Screening
  • Interviews
  • Applicant Assessment
  • Background Check
  • Decision
  • Reference Check
  • Job offer
  • Hiring
  • Onboarding

-General Staffing

General staffing includes filling up general positions in a work set up. Our staffing model includes additional services from staffing which includes orientation, training, retention and termination.

We will help you fill the job openings with the best candidates who suite your organization and who will help you achieve your goals.

Use short-term and long-term general staffing services to quickly respond to business demands with extra staff or find work that fits with your current availability

We provide both short-term and long-term general staffing services to quickly respond to business demands with extra staff

Clinical Staffing

Are you a medical firm? Are you looking for staff? We will support your clinical workforce strategy with talent exactly when and where you need it. Our seasoned wellbeing care administration and professionals have clinical and credentialing foundations with profound understanding of clinical business. We have a structured technology driven process yet customizable to meet the needs of your company.

-Light Industrial Staffing

We focus on providing sustainable candidates who will match your needs in the industry. We will help you acquire resources through temporary, contract, contract-to-hire, permanent, and direct hire basis.

Our dedicated team will filling the tough roles too and will work efficiently to provide the right talent. Our company has an established pool of qualified employees that aids in the fast access of qualified talent.

-Staffing Assessment

Our staffing assessments guides you in hiring the best employees, analyzing your hiring process, and the issues affecting the staffing process.

There are several reasons why a company may want to have a staffing assessment. Here are some reasons.

  1. Identifying Staffing Levels, Personnel Needs, and Costs
  2. Modifying Staff Deployment to Improve Management and Control
  3. Documenting and Justifying Resource Needs
  4. Assessing System Risks and Identifying Necessary Security Improvements
  5. Reducing Staff Overtime
  6. Improving Personnel Effectiveness
  7. Saving Money

Datson 360 has served numerous companies with their staffing needs during the last 6 years and we are always chosen as the best place to get qualified talents who aims to convert every challenge into a new idea.